Collection: Residential and Commercial Panel Fences

Whether you’re landscaping your backyard, protecting your home or securing your business property, Betafence has a panel fence system tailor-made for your needs. 

  • TruView

    TruView® offers an innovative design that can follow the natural contour of your property.

    TruView panels are manufactured utilizing a unique internal mechanical picket to rail construction.

    This eliminates picket rattle or removal found in other products. This
    unique design allows the panels to rack to follow changes in grade.

  • Pantanet

    Pantanet fence rolls are made from high-quality welded wire and make a perfect garden fence.

    High quality welded wire fence roll – the perfect garden fence. Made from galvanized wire which is finished with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating in dark green to give a premium look that blends into your environment while providing the best corrosion protection possible.

  • UpGrade

    UpGrade fence panels are specifically designed for commercial use, offering aesthetic security.

    High quality ornamental steel fence. Designed for commercial applications and upscale residential settings. UpGrade’s rackable panels follow the terrain – making it ideal for sloping ground.

TruView vs. UpGrade Fence Panels

  • Picket style options

    A range of picket styles and panel heights to choose from, makes our ornamental steel fence panels a versatile solution for numerous applications.

  • Quality guaranteed

    Our TruView product undergoes a multi-step application process to produce a superior polyester powder coat finish. This provides greater anti-corrosion and UV resistant protection to keep your fence looking great for years to come.

    UpGrade panels and gates feature a unique Architectural Grade Powder Coat. Our powder coating provides the industry’s highest weather ability and Gloss Retention in UV exposure.

    Both the TruView and Upgrade fences systems are backed by a 20-year warranty.

  • Reliable design

    The innovative design of TruView and UpGrade utilizes an internal mechanical picket to rail construction which is superior to other products that have exposed fasteners which can come loose or welded tabs which may break under a load.

  • Flexible installation

    TruView and UpGrade can be installed using a variety of brackets, ensuring flexible installation options. This means that different types of installations – including on slopes, and in angles – can be done quickly and easily.

  • TruView or UpGrade

    Not sure which ornamental steel fence panels you should choose? Use the table below for a simple comparison between TruView and UpGrade.