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Double Wire 868 Panels

Double Wire 868 Panels

Nylofor 2DS

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Double Wire 868


Strength: The Double Wire 868 fencing system is built with extra heavy-duty double horizontal wires, providing high rigidity and strength.

Long Lifetime: Betafence's coating ensures a long lifetime for the Double Wire 868. the panels are galvanized and then adhesion layer for a perfect bond with our proprietary powder coating.

Complete System: The Double Wire 868 system includes panels in different heights, posts, and brackets, offering a comprehensive and aesthetic solution.

High Degree of Security: Due to its large wire design, the Double Wire 868 is recommended for applications where security is crucial. The robust and rigid panel is difficult to cut or climb.

Fencing System: The Double Wire 868 fencing system is a welded wire fence panel with extra heavy-duty double horizontal wires, providing high rigidity and a stylish design.

Security Level: 1 Breaking Load: 75K - 105K psi Wire Size: 1 gauge (horizontal wires), 4 gauge (vertical wire)

Applications: The Double Wire 868 is suitable for various applications requiring a high level of security.

Functionalities: The large wire design of the Double Wire 868 makes it difficult to cut or climb, enhancing security.

Design: Heavy Duty Wire Size: 1 gauge (horizontal wires), 4 gauge (vertical wire) with a 2-inch by 8-inch center of wire, to wire gap. 

Available Heights: 4ft, 6ft, 8ft (Note: Panels are 8ft wide, nominal size)

Post and Bracket System: Panels are attached to the front of the posts using a universal bracket and a stainless steel #14 x 1.5" self-tapping screw (not included).

**The panels can be installed with tines up or can be rotated 180 degrees so tines face down if you are concerned about a impalling situation**



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