Product Questions

  1. Which type of fence should I select?
  • To select the appropriate fence, you should first decide your needs.
  • In a residential situation where you want to keep children and pets in, or simply define a property line, the best choice is TruView, in either steel or aluminum. Another possibility would be the Prism welded wire.
  • In a commercial situation where you want to protect your property and stored product, the options range from Upgrade, Prism, and, for maximum security, Double Wire 868, Securifor Anti-Climb and Palisade.
  1. What size posts do I need?
  • For residential installations of panels that are less than six feet tall, a 2" x 2" 16-gauge post is fine.
  • For installations of panels six feet or more, commercial installations, a 2.5" x 2.5" 14 gauge for Truview or Prism is recommended. If installing Double Wire 868, a 3" x 3" 12-gauge post is required.
  • For panels six feet tall or less, the post should normally be set two feet in the ground. For panels greater than six feet tall, the posts should be set at least three feet deep.  However, please be sure to check with your local building codes.  And always contact the utility companies before digging any holes.
  1. What type of brackets do I need?
  • TruView and Upgrade: For posts with a panel on both sides, you can use a line bracket, all-around bracket, U bracket or swivel bracket.  For end posts or in situations where a panel will terminate on the side of a building or other structure, you will need to use a U bracket or swivel bracket.
  • Prism: For posts with a panel on both sides, you can use a line bracket or face mount bracket. For end posts, use a terminal wrap-around bracket or a face mount bracket.
  • Double Wire 868 and Securifor: Use the new universal brackets.  It is recommended to use a 14 x 1.5 self-tapping stainless-steel screw.  These are not included with the bracket and need to be purchased separately.  This is so the installer can select the preferred head; hex, Phillips, anti-tamper, etc.
  • Palisade: This is a pale and rail system that uses high-security carriage bolts and special nuts.


  1. What about gates?
  • For all products, swing gates are offered in heights to match the panels and widths of 4', 5' and 6'. These can be purchased in pairs to make a double swing gate.  Gates are offered with a limited selection of hinges, latches and locks, and drop bars.  Other hardware may be purchased separately and added as required.  Again, please check your local building codes.
  1. What about installation?
  • shopbetafence is a Global manufacturer of metal fence products. The options for installation would be to install the fence yourself (if you are a DIY'er) or to hire a local fence contractor.  Either way, please remember the fence must be installed per local building codes, with a permit when required, and be sure to contact the utility companies before digging any holes.
  1. Does shopbetafence have any retail stores?
  • shopbetafence only sells through Distributors and online.
  1. Are shopbetafence products eco-friendly?
  • All shopbetafence panels, posts, and brackets are made from 100% recycled steel or aluminum, and all the products are 100% recyclable.

Shipping Questions

  1. How long does it take to ship my order?
  • For product that is in stock and available, shopbetafence strives to ship orders within 5 business days. This does not include the time for your order to arrive at your destination.  This can add approximately 5 business days.  If product is not in stock or on backorder, shipping times will be extended.
  1. How will my order be packaged?
  • Small items such as brackets and hardware are usually shipped in a cardboard box. Fence panels, posts and gates must be shipped on a pallet.
  1. How will I unload my order?
  • If you ordered products that ship on a pallet, they may arrive on a flat bed trailer or a large van truck. Unless you have access to a forklift, the material will need to be unloaded by hand.  And please consider that some fence panels can weigh as much as 50 to 100 pounds, so be sure to invite some friends over to help.
  1. If there is damage to any part of my order, what should I do?
  • First, prior to unloading your order, please take multiple photos. Second, as you unload the material, if you notice any damage please take more photos and be sure to note all damage on the receiving documentation and be sure to have the driver sign it and retain a copy.  Finally, contact shopbetafence as soon as possible so we can assist you.

How do shopbetafence Products standup to the Competition

  1. How long has shopbetafence been in business?
  • The founding company started in Belgium in 1880…that's right, over 140 years of experience.
  1. Aren't shopbetafence products the same as all other manufacturers?
  • At shopbetafence, we strive to offer 'value add' products. For example:
  • TruView panels are made with a patented racking system that uses a stainless steel pin at every juncture. This makes the panel rackable to over 35 degrees, more than any other comparable product.  In fact, the panel can actually traverse a standard stairway on a porch or deck.
  • Upgrade panels also have a greater rackability than other comparable products. These panels can rack to more more than 31 degrees.
  • Securifor anti-climb panels use a patented design that makes them 750% more rigid then similar panels. While other panels require crossbars (more material and labor), Securifor does not need crossbars, offering a better fence at a lower installed cost.
TruView an ornamental fence system offers an attractive look, is available in a wide variety of styles, and configurations, all finished with a superior coating.

TruView System

Please be aware that the installation video below is part of a fencing system. Posts and brackets sold separately. Other additional items (gates, hinges, latches, etc.) are optional and sold separately.

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