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Draw It and Quote it

1. Enter your contact Details

Enter your contact information (name, email, phone) and let us know how you found our site.

2. Select your Location

On the next screen, input the address for your fence placement on the map.

3. Draw your Fence

Start drawing your fence by selecting "Build a Fence" and tracing the desired area. If you make a mistake, use the "Undo" button or click on the line to remove it. You can also add a "Grid Overlay" for precise drawing.

4. Add a Gate

After completing your fence, add a gate by choosing either a single or double gate.

5. Fence Material

Now, customize your fence by selecting its type, style, color, and height to suit your preferences.

6. Receive your Quote

Once you've confirmed the fence size, material, and gate placements, click "Finish" to generate your personalized quote.

Would you like to speak with an agent?

Do you wonder how many fence panels you need or how to install fence panels? Our team of
professionals are the best in the industry and on-handare here to provide expert advice and customer
service. With our dedicated team of engineers, we ensure our fencing products are the most suitable solutions for your needs.

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We secure what matters to you

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Betafence is the global leader in fencing panels for residential and commercial applications. We have
been protecting homes, businesses, and infrastructure for almost 140 years. Our experience and
knowledge mean we know exactly what you need to secure what matters most to you.

black mesh fence panel render

Selecting a fence type

Fencing comes in a variety of materials and styles such as steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. These materials have different durability, price points and aesthetic.

Click here to find a quick overview of the primary fencing materials available today.

Betafence Black Steel fence installation corner

Difference among steel fences

Most local fence contractors don’t talk about the different steel fences available when they come to your house, yet these differences can impact a fence’s construction, longevity, and ease of installation.

Click here to read a helpful guide for choosing steel fence panels for your backyard.

Collection of construction tools

Calculate your material needs

Have you ever looked at a birds-eye view of your home on google maps before deciding on a change to your garden, or beginning a renovation? We have created a configurator map that gives you the option to find your home and plot the line of the fence directly on Google's satellite image map.

From there you can generate your list of materials required for your project.

TruView Ornamental - Steel Fence Panels

Strong, durable, and attractive perimeter protection

Our ornamental fence system Truview offers an attractive look, is available in a wide variety of styles, and configurations, all finished with a superior coating.