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Betafence is the global leader in fencing panels for residential and commercial applications. We have
been protecting homes, businesses, and infrastructure for almost 140 years. Our experience and
knowledge mean we know exactly what you need to secure what matters most to you.

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Strong, durable, and attractive perimeter protection

Our ornamental fence system Truview offers an attractive look, is available in a wide variety of styles, and configurations, all finished with a superior coating.

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Do you wonder how many fence panels you need or how to install fence panels? Our team of
professionals are the best in the industry and on-handare here to provide expert advice and customer
service. With our dedicated team of engineers, we ensure our fencing products are the most suitable solutions for your needs.

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Whether it is decorative fence panels for your home or secure fence panels for commercial property, we are industry experts. We set standards for the fencing industry around the world. Using that experience and knowledge we have created useful resources for you:

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Together we can create an attractive fence to frame your property. Feel confident that you have a safe outdoor space for your family and pets. Feel safe in the knowledge that your property is secured by the industrys leading fencing specialist.

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Betafence sets the global standard for premium fencing products.

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