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Pantanet Fence - Steel Rolls

Pantanet Fence - Steel Rolls

Nylofor 2DS

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Pantanet® Essential Welded Wire Fence Rolls

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Pantanet Essential is a welded wire fence roll designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for your garden and outdoor needs. You won't find fence rolls like this in your local home and garden or agricultural supply store. 

Built to Last

  • We utilize 12 gauge steel wires for unparalleled strength and to maintain rigidity. Our galvanized wire is then finished with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating in dark green to give a premium look that blends into your environment while providing the best corrosion protection possible. 
    • Typical welded wire fence rolls are not PVC coated and made of 16 gauge wire. This results in a flimsy fence that usually begins to corrode in less than a year. 
  • Secure to wooden or metal T-posts (not included)

    Tech Specs

    Wire Gauge 12 gauge
    Galvanized (Yes/No) Yes 
    PVC Coating Color Dark Green
    Mesh Dimensions  4 in high x 2 in wide (101.6 mm x 50.8 mm)
    Heights Available 3.3 ft (102 cm) and 4 ft (122 cm)
    Roll Length 82 ft (25 m)

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