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Complete your panel fencing system by installing a Betafence gate using premium hinges and latches.
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  • Fence Gate

    Gates designed to match our TruView fence panels for complete design cohesion. Designed to swing in or out and left or right – ensuring installation versatility.

  • Gate Hinges

    Adjustable, self-closing hinges that is quick and easy to install. Won’t rust, bind, sag or stain.

  • Gate Latch

    Versatile and high-quality latch that is compatible with Betafence gates. Made from industrial-strength polymer (no rusting, binding or staining).

  • Magnetic Gate Latch

    Magnetic safety latch with visual indicator that shows locked/unlocked status. Industry leading magnetic latching technology.

Quality Gates

TruView fence gates are designed to match your TruView fence panels. Each gate is welded together to create a fixed panel that won't move as the gate opens and closes. The panel is powder coated after welding to prevent corrosion and rust.

Various Options

With different hinges and latches, our gates can be installed to swing in or out and left or right. 

  • Quality

    Gates are the only moving part of the fence system. Gates depend on high quality gate latches and hinges to function properly in ALL conditions and climates. Strong, highly engineered components offer the optimum function of the gate for a lifetime.

  • Reliability

    Properly functioning gates that self-close, self-latch and provide ongoing adjustability (alignment) give consumers peace-of-mind. D&D gate hardware is guaranteed to work in the harshest environments and conditions (freezing, salt, sand).

  • Security

    D&D’s award-winning, innovative products provide security features you can trust to keep loved ones and property safe at all times. We constantly refine the designs of our hardware to improve safety around swimming pools, childcare centres, schools, homes and businesses.

Gate Latches in comparison

  • Quality Hinges that last a lifetime

    Polymer hinges have been specifically designed to overcome all of the problems typically associated with conventional gate hinges – rust, binding, sagging and staining. The engineering-grade polymers and a stainless-steel closing springs deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime.

  • Reliable Design

    Due to a high degree of safety and reliability, D&D Technologies hinges are ideal for using with gates around homes and gardens. The closing speed of these self-closing hinges is adjustable, so you can decide what works for your needs.

  • Super-Strong Latches

    D&D Technologies latches are made of super-strong, rust-free polymers and stainless-steel components that won't rust or corrode, making them tough and reliable.

  • Ideal General-Purpose Latch

    The locking gate latch is the ideal general-purpose gate latch for many gates around home, gardens and back yards. It combines the benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and durable components.

  • Magnetic Gate Latch

    The magnetic gate latch is the ideal gate latch for use on front gates, pet gates, side gates and perimeter gates. Its innovative, magnetically triggered latching makes it highly reliable, as it greatly reduces the chances of jamming or sticking during closure. Mounted correctly it will close first time, every time, and installation is quick and easy.