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Prism 3D Ornamental - Steel Fence Panels

Prism 3D Ornamental - Steel Fence Panels

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Prism 3-D


Attractive Low Maintenance Alternative to Chain Link 


The Prism 3-D Fence System provides a high value, attractive security fence solution, and is now manufactured in the United States. 

  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Betafence’s exclusive Architectural Grade Powder Coat lasts up to 5 times longer than competitors’ powder coatings
  • 10-year warranty
  • Attractive security fence solution       

Technical Information



    Prism 3-D panels have a width of 8' and heights ranging from 4' to 8'. The panels have vertical barbs of 1.2" on one side and are reversible (barbs at top or at bottom). - Mesh sizes are 6" x 2", and 4" x 2" for the beam sections. The heavy wires guarantee strength and rigidity.


    The panels are attached with high strength aluminum brackets to the front side of galvanized steel square tubular posts.


    Swing, sliding and cantilever gates are available for the Prism 3-D Fence System.


    Betafence’s exclusive Powder Coating guarantees a long service life for this fence system.  This coating is applied over galvanized wires and tubes to ensure total protection of panels, posts and gates.

      Please contact us regarding brackets. specialty prism brackets are available.


    Prism 3-D backed by our 10-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Prism 3-D Range:

Panel Height Panel Width Wire Gauge Mesh Openings  Number of Bends Brackets per Post
4' 8' 6 6"x2" 2 3
5' 8' 6 6"x2" 3 4
6' 8' 6 6"x2" 4 5
8' 8' 6 6"x2" 4 7

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