Calculate Your Material Needs

Based on the below steps you’ll be able to generate your list of materials (fence panels, posts, brackets, gates, and accessories) required for your yard.

1. Go to your location on Google Maps.

2. Turn on the satellite view.

3. Right-click on your starting point.

4. Select measure distance.

Go to Google Maps

5. To create a path to measure, click anywhere on the map.

6. To add another point, click anywhere on the map until you’ve drawn the entire fence line.Note the length of each fence run and the number of corners or turns.

7. The corners are typically 90-degree angles.Add up the total length of all combined fence runs and divide by 8ft to determine the number of fence panels required. The number of posts is equal to the number of panels plus one.

8. Each TruView fence panel has three horizontal rails and therefore has six connection points to each post which requires a bracket. Take the number of fence panels and multiply by 6 to determine how many bracket connections are needed.

- For panels that connect to the end of fencing run you will need to use three of our all around or flat mount brackets to connect to the final post. These each serve as one bracket connection point.

- For panels in the middle of the fencing run you can utilize line brackets. A line bracket is like two brackets in one because it connects two fence panels to the post in-between them. The line bracket serves as two bracket connections.

9. Make note of where you would like your gate if one is needed. Our gates are 4ft wide and each gate requires a post on either side of it, one set of hinges, and one latch.