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TruView Ornamental - Steel Fence Gates

TruView Ornamental - Steel Fence Gates

Nylofor 2DS

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Designed in Europe, TruView® is a strong, durable, and attractive steel ornamental fence system. It is the leading residential ornamental fence available today. 

Enhance your backyard with fencing that combines premium design, functionality, and quality. 

  • TruView fence gates are designed to match your TruView fence panels.
    • Each gate is welded together to create a fixed panel that won't move as the gate opens and closes. The panel is powder coated after welding to prevent corrosion and rust. 
  • Gates are manufactured with a 1.5" gate upright to frame the gate and create an eye-pleasing aesthetic. 
  • Designed to swing in or out, connect your TruView gate to your fence with premium hinges and latches from D&D Technologies. (Available on our accessories page.)

Get the rust protection of aluminum with the strength of steel!

  • G60 galvanized steel beneath the polyester powder coat finish provides superior rust protection and is typically only found on commercial grade products. 
    • G60 means there is 0.6 ounces of zinc per square foot. More zinc means less rust. Most residential products offer G20 galvanization at best. With Betafence you get 3 times the protection. 
  • Smooth polyester powder coat finish provides long lasting protection while looking great for years to come.
    • In salt-spray tests and UV-exposure tests we test panels for over 1,000 hours to ASTM standards to ensure the product doesn't fade or corrode. 

Our TruView product undergoes a multi- step application process to produce a superior polyester powder coat finish. This provides greater anti-corrosion and UV resistant protection to keep your fence looking great for years to come.

 Tech Specs:

Gate width 4 feet (nominal)
Gate height 4, 5, and 6 feet options available
Pickets 5/8" sq x 18 gauge
Rails 1.10" x 1.18" x 16 gauge
Posts 1.5" square x 14 gauge


Please be aware that this product is part of a fencing system. Posts and brackets sold separately. Other additional items (hinges, latches, etc.) are optional and sold separately. 


If you have more questions please visit:

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