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Truview-Alu - Aluminum Fence Posts

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    TruView-Alu panels are combined with tubular aluminum posts.

    Dimension 2" square x 16 ga.

    Each panel is fixed to posts with aluminum brackets:

    - U Bracket
    - All Around bracket
    - Line bracket


    The panels are made using high-quality Aluminum tubes and are finished with a superior coating. This coating is durable and environmentally sound. Our powder coating provides excellent weatherability and gloss retention in UV exposure.

TruView-Alu range:

Item Dimension
Panel width 6' (nominal)
Panel height 4', 4.5' , 5'
Pickets 5/8" sq x 18 ga. (staggered)
Rails 1.10" cl. 1.18" x 15 ga.
Posts 2" square x 16 ga. 

Ordering Recommendation:

  • Order one more post than the number of panels you are ordering. 
  • Recommended post height is two feet taller than the fence panel height. 
    • Example - for a 4 ft tall fence panel, select a 6 ft tall post.
    • Choose a post height that is three feet taller than the fence panel height for additional strength. 

How to Install a TruView Fence: